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As an ordained interfaith minister, I am qualified to carry out the legal aspect of your wedding ceremony, a duty which I take most seriously. While getting married is indeed a serious commitment, it doesn’t mean that your special day has to be very serious also. While always being respectful of the solemnity of the occasion, we will work together to make it a day of happiness and fun, with some laughter and happy tears as well.

I promise to deliver a ceremony that will be exclusively yours, not just a generic run of the mill event. Something special that will accurately reflect you as a couple, your journey so far, and your hopes and dreams for a new and exciting shared future.

As an interfaith minister, my duty is to those of all faiths, and none. As such, I promise your wedding will be respectful of your wishes, and in keeping with your personal style, never cheesy (unless that IS your personal style!) and one you and your guests will long remember, for all the right reasons.

So whatever style of wedding you’re planning, be it large or small, formal or casual, or indeed, an elopement-style one with just a couple of witnesses, you can be assured that the ceremony I write will be written to suit you. 

Tá for Grá

Her Bride, His Groom. In May, 2015, in a referendum in which more people participated than any other since the founding of our State, Ireland became the first country in the world to bring in same sex marriage by popular vote. 

If ever there was cause to be proud to be Irish, this was it! Marriage equality was a hard won battle, and in many ways, that long struggle will make your Big Day even more special. I would be delighted to help make it very much yours. 

Whether loud and proud, or quiet and traditional, together, we can craft a ceremony to do justice to your journey, and to your personalities.
As an ordained OneSpirit interfaith minister, I am on the official HSE register of solemnisers, and thus able to perform all aspects of your wedding. Please note that each couple must contact the HSE to notify them of their intent to marry. Couples are advised to do this a MIN of 3 months prior to their chosen wedding date. However, it is recommended to do so as early as possible to avoid disappointment, as they are always very busy.
 HERE is a link to their website, which explains their requirements.

Vow Renewals

There’s Newly Weds, and then there’s Truly Weds.

Congratulations on making it this far, however far that may be! Couples choose to renew their wedding vows for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your Big Day wasn’t as big as you would have liked, and now is a chance to shine more brightly.

Perhaps you maried abroad, and couldn’t have family and friends there, and this is a chance for them to share in your joy.

Maybe you suffered a crisis of some sort, and now wish to put that behind you, and make a fresh start.

A very common reason is to celebrate a Milestone Anniversary. Whatever the reason, here you are, and now is the time, so let’s get talking about how you’d like your ceremony to be, to accurately reflect who you were, and who you are now in your marriage. As with a regular wedding ceremony, we can incorporate all sorts of details, and rituals, and of course, if you so wish, you can include your children in the ceremony.

No matter the length of your marriage, no matter what age you are, love is always to be cherished and celebrated, in a style that suits you.

Baby Naming 

What’s in a name?!

So, you’ve got a baby or toddler, and want to formally introduce them to the world? How wonderful, congratulations! 

In recent years, as Ireland has become more multicultural and diverse, naming ceremonies have grown hugely in popularity. As there are no legal requirements involved, there are really no restrictions on what your ceremony can incorporate. 

You are free to have poetry and music, and rituals, both old and new. You may have chosen family or friends to act as ‘Guide Parents’ for your little one, and we can weave that into the ceremony, honouring them for their promise of guidance and support. 

Naming your child is a significant Rite of Passage, the first of many important milestones in their life. Ritualising it in the Baby Naming Ceremony presents a wonderful opportunity for your family, friends and community to meet and greet their newest member, and for them to participate in this happy celebration of life. 

You can hold this ceremony anywhere you choose, indoors, outdoors, formal or casual, and there are lots of options for how you choose to go about this. You may have some ideas yourself, and I’m always happy to work with you to ensure this beautiful occasion turns out as you joyous as you wish.
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